3rd Learning Teaching Traning Activity Meeting

Bringing Europe Home at School

3rd  Learning Teaching Traning Activity Meeting

Komotini, 18th-22nd June 2018


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BEHAS 3rd Short Term Joint Staff Training Event was carried out in Komotini/ Greece between the dates 18- 22 June, 2018 with the active participation of 29 representatives from BEHAS project partners.

Meeting Minutes

Monday, 18 June 2018

All partners had arrived in Komotini by the evening. The host organized a welcome dinner, where all participants had the chance to exchange greetings and discuss unofficially about the progress of the project and the meeting tasks.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

1st part: 9:30-11:30

The first session started at 9:30 in the EAP premises in Komotini. Apart from the partners’ participants, a lot of administrative employees, teachers (approximately 30) and school counselors working for the Directorate for Primary Education of Rodopi attended the meeting.

At first, the coordinator welcomed all the participants in the conference centre, pointing out that everyone has contributed to the successful progress of the project so far and explaining briefly the meeting agenda. Then, the mayor’s representative also greeted and welcomed them in the city, stating that it is very important for the region to host such meetings. After that, the director of DIPE Rodopis, Mr Marinos Konstantinidis welcomed the participants and declared officially the beginning of the meeting.

The moderator presented an ice breaking interactive board game called Diversonopoly, which was discussed and played by some of the meeting participants.

Then, the schools of DIPE Rodopis which designed and implemented activities concerning the celebration of the European Day of Chocolate presented their work, either in the form of speaking presentations or as teacher training experiential activities. The 13th Infant School of Komotini, the 3rd Primary School of komotini, the 5th Primary School of Komotini, the 2nd Minority Primary School of Komotini and the Multicultural Primary School of Sapes presented their work in a ten-minute presentation each. The teachers of the Multicultural Primary School of Iasmos performed an experiential activity called “Tasting Diversity”, in which the participants were randomly separated in teams and each member of each team tasted blindfolded different varieties of chocolate and tried to guess the type of chocolate they tasted. The activity had the form of a tasting competition and the ultimate aim was to pinpoint that variety and diversity are found everywhere in life, even in chocolate.

11:30-12:00: Coffee Break

2nd part: 12:00-14:00

The 5th Infant School of Komotini organized also an experiential activity, called “Drawing sweet words”, in which the partners, separated again in random teams, had to think about a “sweet” word in their life and draw it in a piece of paper using glue and cocoa. Each team had to discuss and decide on one word and the creations of all six teams were then put together in a bigger paper as a collage.

The Italian partners performed an experiential activity, in which the participants created various kinds of handicrafts using candies and paper.

Finally, all partners’ teams, with the help of the host team, prepared the material for the evening exhibition.

19:00-21:00: Chocolate celebration “Chocobloom”

Initiated by the Directorate for Primary Education of Rodopi, the first Chocolate celebration called “Chocobloom” took place at the central square of Komotini. The Directorate organized the celebration as a main event of the activities included in the 3rd LTTA meeting of BEHAS project that was held in Komotini from 18th to 22nd of June, in an attempt to spread the work of the project to the local community. The directorate cooperated with and involved various stakeholders in order to organize and conduct the celebration, such as the Municipality Office which is responsible for cultural events (DKEPPAK), the local corporation of confectioners and coffee shop owners, the federation of businessmen-craftsmen, the commercial chamber and the Red Cross. The Greek schools which are involved in BEHAS project as well as the partners from other countries presented the work they had done (for every European Day implemented so far, but mainly for the European Day of Chocolate) on large panels in various forms, such as drawings, posters, panels, photos, leaflets, constructions, experiential activities for kids, etc. The partners also prepared and distributed leaflets with chocolate recipes which are popular in their countries as a means of cultural exchange and interaction. The participation was wide, a lot of local people tasted chocolate snacks and chocolate drinks, watched a chocolate recipe being cooked by a professional chef, observed the work of Greek schools and foreign partners on the panels and interacted with teachers, administrative employees of the Directorate and partners.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

1st part: 9:00-10:30

The partners visited the 3rd Primary School of Komotini. They were officially welcomed by the School Headmaster, and were guided to the school premises by the school staff. They discussed about the project implementation so far and exchange ideas concerning the teaching practices in their countries. Then the partners were divided into teams and took part in a treasure hunt game, in which they had to search for bags of chocolate in the whole schoolyard. They enjoyed themselves and after the end of the game they were given gifts that the school had prepared for them.

10:30-11:30 Coffee break

2nd part: 12:00-14:00

The partners returned to the conference centre of EAP to continue the workshops. The Latvian partners presented briefly the work of their schools concerning the activities for the celebration of the European Day of Chocolate and went on to perform an experiential activity, in which the partners performed sculpture art using chocolate. The Turkish partners also organized an experiential activity, in which the meeting participants created chocolate traffic lights using cookies, chocolate and bonbons. Then, they offered melted chocolate with strawberries and bananas to the participants, explaining that a similar activity was performed in their schools. The Spanish partners organized an activity in which the partners had to draw with liquid chocolate in a large piece of paper using their hands. Finally, the Romanian partners organized and implemented an activity in which each partners’ team was given a piece of sponge cake and a map of their country, so that they cut the cake in the shape of their country, coat it with chocolate and decorate the borders with pieces of chocolate.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

In the conference centre of EAP, the partners gathered in order to provide evaluation for the meeting and the progress of the project so far and discuss about any potential improvements for the following meetings. The moderator initiated the evaluation session, in which the partners stated their satisfaction concerning the organization of the meeting, the content of the agenda, the chocolate celebration and the involvement of the local community, the cooperative and friendly atmosphere between the participants. The points to be improved included more mixed groups during teacher training experiential activities and more cultural elements and visits during the working days.

After the evaluation session, the participants discussed about the interim report and their obligation to provide some details on their behalf. The coordinator explained a table that was prepared in order to gather numerical data for the involved participants (students, teachers, administrative employees, stakeholders, etc) and each team have to fill in by the end of June. She also presented some points in the report, which the partners have to provide answers for. The content of the answers were explained in detail and the deadline was set on the 30th of June.

Friday, 21 June 2018

Departure day

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