4th Learning Teaching Traning Activity

Bringing Europe Home at School

4th  Learning Teaching Traning Activity Meeting

Malpils, 30th September – 4th October 2018


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4th Joint Staff Training Activity which was about “Celebrating World Teachers’ Day” was carried out in Malpils / Latvia between the dates 30th September and 4th October with the participation of 15 persons from partner countries.

Meeting Minutes

Sunday, 30 September 2018

All partners had arrived in Malpils by the evening. The participants had the chance to exchange greetings and discuss unofficially about the progress of the project and the meeting tasks.

Monday, 1 October 2018

1st part: 9:00-11:00

After an extensive cooperation between the host partner and the coordinator for the development of the meeting agenda, everyone was fully informed about its structure and content.

At first, the partners visited the Kindergarten of Malpils. Both the hosting partner and the headmistress officially welcomed them and announced the beginning of the meeting.

The coordinator also greeted the partners, claiming that excellent work has been done so far during the first year of the project implementation. The aim for the second year is to involve teachers more actively in interaction through the Moodle educational platform, mainly through the organization of e-learning courses on the platform.

The Austrian partner performed an ice-breaking session, involving all the participants in entertaining activities with the aim of getting to know each other better.

After that, in the Kindergarten’s conference hall the children presented in groups a dancing performance organized for the celebration of Teacher’s Day. Then, the partners were divided in groups and visited the classes of the Kindergarten in order to attend on the spot activities organized by the teachers.

11:00-11:30: Coffee Break

2nd part: 11:30-13:00

The meeting participants, according to the agenda, visited the Culture Centre, so that each partner’s team should perform an experiential activity. A representative from the town hall welcomed the partners on behalf of the Mayor.

The Greek team performed an activity called “Are you ready to perform?” The participants were divided into three groups and each group had to write a short dialogue/script between teacher(s) and student(s) in class, based on a special separate situation that was given to them. Then they had to allocate roles and perform the mini script on stage. They were also given some accessories (moustache, glasses, frames, signs, etc) that they could use as decoration during the performance. The teams, although quite reserved at first, proved to be very creative and enjoyed the whole process of the activity.

The Italian team organized an activity in which each participant had to prepare a card-craft. They were given a card pattern to decorate and a small wooden heart, writing “Happy Teacher’s Day” on it in order to stick it inside the card. They could also write comments and wishes about Teacher’s Day.

The Turkish team organized an activity called “Teacher’s tree”. Each participant had to cut a colorful piece of paper on a shape of their wish (their palm, a heart, a leaf, etc.) and write down something positive about their teachers when they were at school. Then, they had to stick the paper on a tree that the Turkish team had prepared so that a very unique “Teacher’s tree” was created.

13:00-14:00: Lunch Break

3rd part: 14:00-15:00

The teams returned to the Culture centre and the Romanian team was the next to perform an activity. They gave the participants colorful wool strings and a piece of paper with clear directions so that they could create a teacher figure of their choice. Then, they had to stick the figure on a piece of paper and write 3 sentences about the qualities of good teachers.

The Spanish team performed an activity that they also perform at their school with kids during Teacher’s Day. The participants had to fold a blank piece of paper many times and each wrote his/her name on the upper part. Then they distributed the paper so that each participant could write something positive about that person. In the end, the participants had their paper full of comments inside.

4th part:15:00-17:00

The participants visited the Music and Art School of Malpils. They were welcomed by the headmistress and attended some Art exhibitions there. Then, they were divided into two groups and attended two creative workshops. In the first they had to prepare a ceramic construction with the help of an Art teacher and in the second they had to print a stamp on a fabric bag, again under the guidance of an expert. All participants enjoyed the workshops and were excited to create such unique crafts.

Friday, 29 November 2018

1st part: 9:00-13:00

The participants visited the Malpils District Secondary school. The headmistress officially welcomed them and explained the activities that will follow. They firstly attended a dancing performance in a conference hall by students of different age groups. Then they visited the school premises and in some classes they attended lessons organized for them by the students of the Secondary school. As it was mentioned, it is very usual during Teacher’s Day in Latvian schools that students organize and perform lessons on younger students. In this case the students were the meeting participants.

The first lesson was Latvian Language. The group of students who were responsible to organize the lesson performed some mini games and taught the participants the Latvian alphabet and some useful expressions in their language. Everyone enjoyed the activities and was eager to learn some basic Latvian. The next lesson was Maths; the participants were divided in groups and took part in a competition concerning a hypothetical pizza restaurant production. The team with the bigger pizza production was the winner and the prize was some real pizza to share with everyone. Then, another group of students performed an English lesson, in which the participants, divided in two groups, had to write on a piece of paper English words related to the name of the country they listened to each time. The last lesson was Geography, and the participants, again separated in teams, were given maps of different countries and had to identify which country was depicted in each map with an optional help of a world atlas. Generally, all the experiential activities performed by the students were very creative and original and the methods of implementation very motivating, giving the participants the chance to see the teaching-learning process through the eyes of a student.

14:00-15:00: Lunch Break

After lunch, the participants visited the nearby town of Sigulda where they had the chance to be informed about the history and culture of the region through a well organized guided walk.

2nd part: 18:00-19:00

In the hotel’s conference hall, the host had organized a joint celebration of Teachers Day. The meeting participants along with the Mayor of Malpils, the administrative employees of the Municipality and a lot of teachers from the region had the chance to interact and exchange ideas throughout the celebration.

At first, the Mayor welcomed the participants, claiming that such programs offer a great chance to the local communities to get in touch with people from different countries and especially in the field of education, which is considered of mayor importance for the region. Then, the coordinator talked to the local participants and briefly informed them about the content of the project, the work that has been done so far and what is going to follow.

Then, each partner’s team made a brief presentation concerning the activities that are performed in their schools concerning the celebration of Teacher’s Day. They all included a variety of very unique and interesting tasks that really motivated the audience. The Greek team was the only who decided to present something different, namely a short video that the primary school teacher and the infant school teacher of a remote minority village in the region of Rodopi had prepared, narrating the most important events from their life in that village. The aim was to pinpoint the difficulties that many teachers face during their career as well as the various roles that they are called to undertake according to their teaching environment.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

In the hotel’s conference centre, the partners gathered in order to provide evaluation for the meeting and discuss about any potential improvements for the following meetings, as well as the educational actions that are going to be implemented. The hosting partner had prepared a mini evaluation activity, in which the participants had to write their impressions about the overall organization and content of the meeting in Malpils. Their comments would provide feedback for the host and the group of Latvian teachers involved in the meeting activities, and would also be disseminated to the local press.

Then, the Austrian partner performed another evaluation session, in which the participants had to make comments on what they expect from the Romanian team, who is going to host the next project meeting in November. The comments focused mainly on the time management of the agenda and the content of the activities since the meeting in Romania is related to the celebration of the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, which touches a very sensitive issue. It was finally agreed that the partners can provide data about the importance and size of the problem in their countries and organize their experiential activities in the form of formal examples of implemented activities in their countries, case studies, surveys, etc. It was also mentioned that it would be very helpful if an expert, such as a psychologist, can provide some training to the participants about the issues of children’s sexual abuse.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Departure day

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