5th Learning Teaching Traning Activity

Bringing Europe Home at School

5th  Learning Teaching Traning Activity Meeting

Iasi, 26th – 30th November 2018


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BEHAS 5th Short Term Joint Staff Training Event was carried out in IASI/ Romania between the dates 26-30 November, 2018 with the active participation of 29 representatives from BEHAS project partners.

Meeting Minutes

Monday, 26 November 2018

All partners had arrived in Iasiby the evening. The participants had the chance to exchange greetings and discuss unofficially about the progress of the project and the meeting tasks.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


The partners visited Al. I. Cuza High School which was the venue of the meeting workshops and conferences. The headmistress welcomed them on behalf of the hosting organization and the project coordinator announced the beginning of the meeting, stressing the importance of the topic, which was the celebration of the European Day on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

Then, the moderator performed an ice breaking activity involving all the meeting participants with the aim of getting to know each other better.

After that, the partners visited the premises of Al. I Cuza High School in order to attend activities performed by students regarding the celebration of the above European Day and crafts that they have made in order to express their feelings towards Children’s Sexual  Abuse. The activities mainly focused on informing the students about the dangers of sexual abuse and how they can be protected from it after recognizing the distinction between the safe and unsafe touch as well as the good and bad secret. They mainly expressed their emotions through drawings, motos and body movements performing a variety of interesting and innovative activities.

11:50-12:15: Coffee Break

2nd part: 12:15-13:30

The partners returned to the conference centre in order to perform the experiential activities and present their teachers’ work concerning the European Day on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

The Greek team organized a training activity in which the meeting participants were divided into groups and had to attend some courses in order to perform a task related to the specific day. The topics of the courses were journalism, literature, art and artistic design. In the literature course the participants had to write a poem concerning their feelings about Children’s Sexual Abuse, in the journalism course they produced a newsletter, in the art course they created a poster and in the artistic design they had to prepare a big paper panel, decorate it and put on it the work that had been by the other groups. The final result was really great and all participants seemed to enjoy both the process and their engagement in the tasks performed by their teams.

The Italian team also separated the participants in groups for their experiential activity. Each team was given a sheet of paper which included some information about types of camera shots and angles, and then they had to create a scene of resolution concerning the problem of Sexual Abuse describing it briefly on a story board and using at least 3 types of camera shots. The activity motivated imagination and trained the partners on some photography issues as well.

The Spanish team performed an experiential activity that had already been implemented in their school. More specifically, the participants worked again in teams and had to draw on a big piece of paper the outline of the human body of another participant. Then they had to touch the outline they had drawn on the paper in various body spots and the participants who had their bodies drawn showed how this touch made them feel by holding a smiling or a sad paperface. The goal was to show that different kinds of touches make people react differently and according to the area that someone is being touched makes this touch happy or sad, safe or unsafe.

13:30-14:30:Lunch Break

3rdpart: 14:15-16:00

The Latvian team chose to show a very interesting video that showed a case of a child’s sexual abuse, focusing on how children should behave when they realize that somebody is trying to abuse them. It was stressed that children should shout “NO” in such a case and always talk about it to someone they trust.

The Turkish team presented a project that runs in their schools called “I know my body”. Students from a very young age start to learn about their body and mainly about which the sensitive areas and the right they have to protect these areas from Abuse. Then, a Turkish partner, who also has the role of psychologist answered some questions that the other partners had regarding not only the specific project but other issues concerning Sexual Abuse as well. Finally, the partner from Bahcesehir College distributed and presented an activity book called “Safe Tale” which is used in their school and through which students perform some activities with the aim of learning how to protect themselves from abuse.

In the end, the Romanian hosting partner performed an activity, in which all the participants were given a piece of paper that depicted a face without any expression on it and the partners had to draw on it facial expressions that Children’s Sexual Abuse may cause and write motos Against Sexual Exploitation which will be presented on the school’s notice boards.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


The participants arrived in the conference center where the hosting partner had organized a debate on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. Special guests form the region attended the debate and offered a very unique and useful experience to the group of participants, namely representatives of the Municipality, the County School Inspectorate, the County Centre of Educational Assistance, the Police Department, the Church, the Justice Department, as well as some parents and experts such as psychologists and social workers. They all expressed their opinions on the topic regarding their role on the issue, offering a very informative and constructive discussion. They contributed with their specific expertise on the debate and the very sensitive and at the same time of utmost importance topic of Children’s Sexual Exploitation and Abuse was covered from multiple aspects, that is, legally, psychologically, emotionally and educationally.

11:15-11:30: Coffee Break

2nd part: 11:30-12:30

The project participants also presented some case studies and reports from their countries, elaborating mainly on the significance of the problem and what measures are usually taken in order to prevent and fight against Children’s sexual Abuse. The Greek team presented the the specific aims of the Council of Europe’s ONE in FIVE campaign and the educational material. It was finally concluded that in communities where the regional authorities and the citizens are sensitized about Sexual Abuse, the abusers are more intimidated and the phenomena of abuse much less.

12:30-13:30:Lunch Break

3rd part: 14:00-15:30

The partners attended the “Together for a safe and Joyful World” Dance and Music Performance that the hosting school has organized. Children of various age offered unique singing and dancing shows, pinpointing that Children is our future and must always be at the centre of our attention.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

In the hotel’s conference centre, the partners gathered in order to discuss and finalize the dates for the last Project Management Meeting, to provide evaluation for the meeting and discuss about any potential improvements for the following meetings, as well as the educational actions that are going to be implemented. The moderator performed an evaluation session, in which the participants had to make comments on what they found positive in the meeting in Iasi and what they expect to be improved in the next LTTA meeting in Bernalda, Italy, which is scheduled in May 2019.

The comments focused mainly on the excellent effort, interesting debate, organization and hospitality from the part of the Romanian partner during the whole meeting there and the hope to have a similar meeting in a few months in Bernalda.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Departure day

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