3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Bringing Europe Home at School

3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Iasi, 24th – 27th June 2019

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Meeting Minutes

Monday, 24 June 2019

All partners have arrived in Iasi bythe evening. They unofficially met at a restaurant and performed some spontaneous discussion concerning the issues of the meeting agenda.

Tuesday,25 June 2019

1st part: 10:00-12:00 

The partners visited the premises of the Al.I. Cuza High School which was the meeting venue for the final TPM meeting of BEHAS Project. The headmistress welcomed the participants on behalf of the host partner. Then, the project coordinator officially announced the beginning of the meeting, claiming that the project impact exceeded everyone’s expectations and the work that had been done by both teachers on an educational level and the administrative employees in an organizational level was really remarkable.  

Then, the moderator performed an ice breaking activity involving all the meeting participants with the aim of getting to know each other better.

Then the partners elaborated on the statistical data that the coordinator asked them to bring in the meeting. The data included the number of teachers, students, administrative employees and other stakeholders that were involved in the project regarding their institution, the activities, infodays and training courses developed for the project and the materials prepared concerning the project dissemination. All partners provided well prepared and exact data in the most explicit way.

12:00-12:15Coffee Break

2nd part 12:15-14:00

The participants elaborated on the final report and the questions that regard information on behalf of all the project partners. They expressed ideas on issues such as the innovativeness of the project, the difficulties faced and how they were solved, the project monitoring, dissemination practices applied by each partner, the evaluation and how the impact of the project will sustain after the completion of the project, etc. The discussion was very constructive and helpful for the coordinator in order to include in the final report as many details as possible regarding the above issues.

Then, the participants discussed about the deliverables of the project focusing mainly on the website which includes the vast majority of the project results and layout. In cooperation with the ICT expert partner of FuturoDigitale, the coordinator discussed with all the partners and finalized the fields, content and layout of the website. It was finally agreed that the general description of the project will be translated in three languages of the project, namely Greek, Italian and Turkish. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

1st part: 10:00-12:00 

The coordinator’s financial manager provided a detailed presentation of the economical and accountancy aspects regarding the project implementation, pinpointing what has been so far and what is going to happen after the evaluation of the final report, as well as the responsibilities that each partner has regarding the archives that they must keep with the financial details. He also provided answers and explanations to all the queries that the partner had regarding the financial issues.

12:00-12:15Coffee Break

2nd part 12:15-14:00

The meeting participants discussed about the results of the project and everyone expressed their opinion and impressions. The FuturoDigitale participant took some interviews from the participants in order to record these impressions and it was decided and commonly agreed that the interview recordings will be included in the project website.

Finally, the coordinator proposed to prepare and send to all partners within fifteen days after the meeting  a list of the jobs that have to be done from every partner during summer and they all agreed with a task schedule to work upon it. The moderator provided some data concerning the evaluation of the meetings that he had performed so far and the evaluation reports he had prepared. He also distributed a questionnaire for the evaluation of this final TPM meeting that all meeting participants completed and he is responsible to prepare an evaluation report of the meeting to be sent to the coordinator to the prior agreed period.  

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Departure Day

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