The agenda of European Days of the BEHAS project comprises a European Day of great importance: the 18th of November which has been declared the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

The Council of Europe states that: “Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children can happen online, on a phone, on the streets or through a webcam, at home or at school. It can be inflicted by someone in the child’s circle of trust or even a complete stranger and can cause lifelong damage to the child’s physical and mental health.” (see: End child abuse day)

BEHAS focuses on matters of information and awareness among professionals of primary education, teachers, parents and pupils and has cooperated with the Greek representative of the “ONE in FIVE” Campaign, namely the Council of Europe Campaign to stop sexual violence against children.  The campaign is named after the sad reality of 1 in 5 children being in some way abused in Europe.

BEHAS aims at sensitizing its target-audience by informing it on the projects and actions running across the EU and by transferring knowledge and in particular by designing and organizing specific action plans for the promotion of the combat against sexual abuse.

The “tell someone you trust” motto, statistics, realities, and documentation are put into perspective in the context of primary education in order to support the objectives of the specific European Day.

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The Module and the website are going to be continually enriched by the material produced and we invite all participants to join, share, design and comment.

Follow the forums and the threads, study the material and comment on the action plans. Let’s bring the fight against sexual abuse home at school.