There is something that every person on Earth loves. Sweet or bitter, milk or almond, chocolate has been characterized as a “food for Gods”. BEHAS ends the cycle of the European and World Days in the sweetest way possible.

On July the 7th we celebrate the World and European Day of Chocolate. We will organize Action Plans on the nutritional and psychological…value of chocolate, we will make chocolate facts known. France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Germany…Europe is full of chocolate makers.

BEHAS will explore the magic world of chocolate making and will integrate the sweet values of the Day at school. Thematic field trips, songs, stories and short-films may be among the activities organized for the Day of Chocolate.

Obviously, the Day was chosen for its popularity among young learners and of course, teachers and trainers, as it is one of our common favorite eating habits, strongly associated with our childhood. In fact, most members of the partnership, associates and beneficiaries are fans of chocolate and some of us real chocoholics.

You can learn more about chocolate in the EU

Join the module now and let’s discuss our special chocolate events. Contribute with ideas, activities and chocolate facts, and remember:

BEHAS is a chocoholic! Eventually, the World Day of Chocolate will have its proper place home at school.

Let’s organize our sweet action plans together.