Al I Cuza’ Highschool-Iasi, Romania

Al I Cuza’ High School in Iasi, Romania was founded in 1955, and it currently focuses on theoretical knowledge ranging from IT to foreign languages and natural/social science. It is a comparatively large school, with well over 1000 students, from preparatory grade students (6 years old) all the way to 12th graders (18 years old). It is actually the only institution in the neighbourhood with a complete educational offer (primary, secondary and high school education). Our vision, as it appears on the official website, refers to our willingness to offer educated, highly skilled, creative and responsible citizens to our community. We propose to educate young people who are both able and willing to adjust to an ever-changing world. We welcome students with a variety of skills and interests, from both urban and rural areas. Our teachers specialize in subjects that are both science-based and humanistic-based, as most of our graduates choose to attend computer science and law school as part of their academic careers.
We are proud of our students, who are always successful in the academic and extracurricular competitions that they choose to participate in. Given the huge diversity of their backgrounds and interests, they win prizes and certificates in practically every field, ranging from ICT to literature and health or environmental issues. To summarize, some of the key values and principles that we support are:
– Equal access to education, no discrimination;
– Cooperation and respect are essential to foster a good environment for learning;
– Scientific expertise and teaching skills are to be developed through lifelong learning.

Contact Person: Liliana Gherghelas

Gender: Female

Position: Teacher, Erasmus + team member