Club Lifelong Learning (CLLL) – Innsbruck, Austria

Established in 2010, Club Life Long Learning – a registered association under the theme ‘Life Long Learning’. The association is actively involved in EU educational programmes and focuses on training the educational personnel and offering implementation and evaluation tools and ideas.
Thus the members of the management board have been involved in developing and managing innovative social projects and supporting NGOs who are interested in an EU project, finding international project partners, planning and implementing projects for the last 10 years.
Some members of Club Lifelong Learning (CLLL) have been participants in several Grundtvig or LDV projects in the past. The Vice Chairman of the CLLL (Mr. Thomas Vondrak) is a contact person within this project, CEO at VondiConsulting ( and very experienced as leading partner in EQUAL, Grundtvig and LDV – e.g. Certain projects, in which the CLLL has participated are mentioned below:
a) LLP/AT-430/57/08: Intercultural Consulting Network
b) LLP/AT-430/56/08: Diversonopoly – Intercultural board game and network
c) 2010-1-CZ1-GRU06-03945-2: European Cultures and Language Diversity
The CLLL within the framework of this project, as well as within its mission may cooperate to and be responsible for:
• participating in the multilateral project meetings and implementation of the project
• contribution to the finalization of products
• contribution to the final project results
• Contribution to interim and final report
• on-going contribution to project evaluation
• regional dissemination of project results
Within this scope, the CLLL will be actively responsible specifically for the dimension of staff training and learning, as an association engaged in lifelong learning projects and initiatives.


Contact Person: Mag. Thomas Vondrak

Gender: Male

Position: Chairman of CLLL