One of the European Days discussed and promoted by the BEHAS project is the European Day of Languages (EDL). The EDL was first established following 2001, which was the European Year for Languages and was declared from the Council of Europe. It is celebrated with activities which celebrate linguistic diversity on the 26th of September.

Europe is multilingual and multicultural. In fact it is a tremendous blend of different languages, cultures and traditions under the umbrella of the European Union. One of the EU’s multilingualism goals is for every European to speak 2 languages in addition to their mother tongue (following the guidelines of the European Commission).

Early language learning has been identified as the best way to achieve multilingualism, as following the statements on multilingualism: “The best way to achieve this would be to introduce children to 2 foreign languages from an early age. Evidence suggests this may speed up language learning – and boost mother tongue skills too”

BEHAS is organized to promote the EDL especially for the young learners by contributing Action Plans and activities to be used for the purposes of the EDL and by training the involved teachers in doing so.

We work with our administration, our teachers and our learners to go beyond languages and celebrate the European Union’s linguistic treasures. The BEHAS project website is to host events, action plans and ideas brought forward, designed and piloted by the BEHAS partners and enriched by all of us.

Join the forum, follow the threads, upload ideas (in cooperation with your administrator) and let us know how we promote the EDL and bring it home at school.

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