Our school is called Instituto Comprensivo because we have got students from the age of 3 to 13 so we have two nursery schools one in Metaponto and another one in Bernalda (3-6), a primary school (5/6-10) and a secondary school (10/11- 13). Metaponto is 12 km from Bernalda and it is near the beach while Bernalda has got 12000 inhabitants. The nursery school has got 367 students and 38 teachers; the primary school has got 635 students and 65 teachers; the secondary school counts 380 students and 41 teachers. In total we have 1382 students and 144 teachers. the main subjects are Italian, history, geography, English, French, math, science, ICT, RE, PE, art, music, citizenship. In the specific project the primary school is going to be involved as the BEHAS project mainly refers to primary school pupils and teaching personnel.
In the afternoon, there is an expansion of education with activities to enhance the potentials, develop practical skills, learn more about the territory, develop a sense of active citizenship.
The school has extra music lessons where students learn to play the clarinet, the guitar, the piano, the violin and the recorder; extra sport lessons where students train in rugby, archery and basketball, they learn to respect the rules of the game and civilized coexistence. There is also a school choir and an orchestra.
The basic concept of our school is innovative education, research of best practices for effective teaching in action and efficient in our organization. We operate on a team teaching model based on collaboration and comparison. We use laboratory techniques to enlarge the attentional abilities and learning, group work to increase the capacity of children to relate positively and live meaningful experiences.
Useful methods are cooperative learning, mastery learning, problem solving and peer tutoring, metacognitive teaching, multimedia teaching (lim and tic); blended learning (in the presence and distance) made by means of the help of platforms or social networks and peer education.
Our school pursues, primarily the “inclusion policy”, with the aim of ensuring the educational success to all students especially those with emotional or behavioral disabilities and specific learning disabilities with personalized teaching strategies.
There are a lot of foreign students, including immigrants, that need to improve their schooling and promote their integration and their family relations in order to avoid a school failure. The presence of children within different cultures is an opportunity for everyone because you learn better in relation to others. Through caring for themselves, others and the environment they develop cooperation and solidarity in order to form both the Italian and the European citizenship. Our school is very interested in its participation in this project for all these reasons.

Contact Person: Pierangela Petrocelli

Gender: Female

Position: Teacher