Municipal council Mālpils-Latvia

Municipal council Mālpils – a legal public body – focuses on education and further education for the about 3000 inhabitants of the community. We have 11 public institutions – 5 schools, 2 libraries, a Culture center, a Social care center, as well as a Sport center. In our municipality 98 small/medium size enterprises (agriculture, wood processing, milk production etc.) are located.
The main part of the yearly budget of the municipality goes to education. Our priorities are to reduce socioeconomic inequality between rural and urban population, to create opportunities and to become active European citizens.
The main objectives of our educational work are transmission of knowledge and experience, activation of intellectual capabilities, development of critical thinking and communicational skills; discovering and optimising hidden talents, experimenting new attitudes and behaviour in new or unknown contexts; promoting language, social, IT and entrepreneurial skills; acquiring and developing interpersonal skills in relation to challenging social environments and EU-topics.
We take into consideration the impact of cultural, social and family environments on learning as well as obstacles that hinder personal development. We wish to develop our people’ competences within a cooperative training programme in association with European organizations pursuing identical goals. Sharing knowledge through international learning teaching activities and providing the elaborated training materials in close cooperation with our local and regional stakeholders will also confer a greater value to the essence of our education programmes and to those of our partners.
A sustainable using of the project materials and the gained experience also in our further work after the project will help our local inhabitants, will enlarge the opportunities minimize the difference in access to information and new skills training between our rural people/trainers and the urban ones.


Contact Person: Livija Mukane

Gender: Female

Position: Head